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When it comes to fitness, we are not all equal! While some struggle to buckle up their gym bag for Zumba®, others happily engage in their workout without flinching 3 times a week, all year round. How to explain this difference?

1. Two Types of Personalities to Take into Account

While some people nurture an intrinsic motivational capacity, others display extrinsic gender motivation. The difference ? So-called intrinsic motivation works autonomously. Clearly, if you are one of the chosen ones, your need for success, your will and your determination embody sufficient engines not to miss any cross training or aquabiking session. Conversely, if you are more of the extrinsic type, you need an outside influence to find the motivation you need for your 3 weekly sports sessions. Downside: there are obviously mixed forms which explain a tenacious motivation lasting months followed by periods during which an external source of motivation is required. The coach gives us some ideas to stay in shape!

2. To Fix Objectives

Lose weight, increase muscle mass, feel more fit… In terms of fitness and bodybuilding, goals constitute a solid basis for motivation. Be careful, however, to define them in moderation so as not to set the bar too high and thus risk becoming disgusted with sports hall. The good idea: work with short-term goals (finalize registration in a fitness club, test your first Pilates class …) and long-term (lose 10 kilos, go after an endurance test …). And finally, choose activities (dance, yoga, muscle strengthening, cardio training, etc.) that we really like. Pleasure indeed embodies one of the most powerful engines!

3. Playing Sports With Music

Studies prove it. A good playlist can boost performance. Moreover, it is no coincidence that the choreographed fitness classes (Bodypump ™, Grit ™, RPM ™…) take place in music. On the motivation side, the prospect of listening to a sound that we love and that energizes us is effective. Be careful, however, to adapt the tempo to the type of effort made. Start soft to warm up before moving on to punchier sounds during the cardio workout.

4. Find a Sports Partner

Feeling expected for your aqua aerobics class or weight training session can change everything. And we are not talking about the performance booster side. With two or more, the workout benefits from the group effect which pushes to surpass oneself. Unstoppable!

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