5 Tips To Prevent Skin Aging


With age, skin cells age and the first signs appear in your 30s on the face. However, solutions exist to push back this aging of the skin. We tell you everything.

We won’t be able to keep the skin of our 20s forever, but you can now adopt good reflexes to delay the aging of your skin. We have selected five for you.

1. Clean your Face Well

To take care of your skin and fight effectively against the aging of your cells, we advise you, to begin with, to remove your makeup every night. At night, your skin must be able to breathe. Once a week, exfoliate to remove all dead skin and make your skin more permeable to the products you apply.

You will remember to hydrate your face well in the morning and in the evening with milk or coconut oil. Its anti-oxidant and moisturizing properties will protect your skin from aging. Rich in vitamins E and K, this oil is indeed an excellent ally against wrinkles.

2. Favor Certain Foods

To fight against the appearance of wrinkles, it is important to take good care of your diet. Choose foods rich in antioxidants, omega-3s and vitamins. Antioxidants, found in spinach, kidney beans, tomatoes and beets, are very effective in fighting cell aging. That is why they are also recommended to prevent the onset of certain cancers.

You will find omega-3s in fish like mackerel, salmon or sardines, and in some vegetable oils. These amino acids will allow your skin to maintain its suppleness and elasticity.

As for vitamins, choose vitamin A which protects the skin from UV rays. This vitamin is found in butter, eggs or carrots. We will also advise you not to hesitate to consume products rich in vitamin C (oranges, grapefruits, kiwis, peppers…) and in vitamin E (sunflower oil, hazelnuts, almonds…).

3. Drink a Lot of Water

Health officials keep repeating the importance of drinking plenty of water for good health. To fight against aging of the skin, water is also essential. The more we drink, the more we allow the body to flush out its toxins. Water is indeed the best drainer. Water will also help keep your skin healthy: well hydrated skin will be better able to defend itself against external aggressions.

You can also hydrate yourself by drinking tea. In this case, we will recommend green tea. Its antioxidant power is in fact four times greater than that of vitamin C.

4. Stop Smoking

It’s not just to protect your skin that you should quit smoking, but it’s important to remember that there is a link between smoking and aging skin. In particular, many studies have shown that smoking promotes the appearance of wrinkles. Tobacco causes cell oxidation and therefore an alteration of the epidermis.

But that’s not all, tobacco gradually damages the microvessels of the skin, which allow the vascularization of the different layers of the epidermis. Blood circulation and oxygenation of the skin are therefore much less easy. According to the national union of dermatologists. « each puff of cigarette smoke releases 200,000 free radicals which will attack skin cells and have effects on the eye area and facial skin as a whole ».

5. Beware of The Sun

Having a pretty complexion is very tempting, but we must not forget that the sun’s rays are very harmful to our skin. Exposing yourself unprotected and for a long period of time will lead to premature aging of the skin, regardless of the type of skin. UV rays attack skin cells and break their DNA chain. This process leads the cells to produce less melanin, collagen and elastin, which contributes to the aging of the skin.

Before any exposure to the sun, it is therefore important to apply an effective protective cream. Certainly, our complexion will be less golden, but we will effectively repel the arrival of wrinkles on our face.

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