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Bioluma Reviews

If you’re a person who loves natural beauty products, then it is inevitable that you would want a healthy and long lash product that uses natural extracts. Having naturally long lashes is not something you see every day , we have to depend on products that help us achieve it.

For every beauty enthusiast, it is almost impossible that you would not have come across many products that claim to be natural lash boosters and maybe some are but, of course, you cannot try out every single product there is out there, no matter how beauty crazy you might be.

Since it’s impossible to go on a testing spree of all lash boosters to see the best, I have come with a better and effective option, which I have tested and can confidently tell you about. It is an eyelash serum product by Bioluma.

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Who is Bioluma?

The Bioluma is a beauty product manufacturer who has been in the market for nearly 20 years. Their presence in the beauty world has left them with a series of products effective in their duty. They are a certified beauty and health manufacturing company. A natural product association that only accepts member companies that offer organic and natural products.

They are proudly known as a beauty product manufacturer which only uses chemical-free natural ingredients for its products. Manufactured in aFDA and GMP compliant facility, they have maintained a standard and quality to be confident in.

Bioluma Eyelash Serum review

About the Bioluma eyelash Serum?

This trusted manufacturer has brought out a natural and organic eyelash serum. This serum which has been on the market by both the manufacturers and third-party sellers since 2017 boasts being an eyelash density and growth product.

The product is expected to turn your dull, weak and scanty eyelash to a full, long and healthy one within seven weeks of regular use. The serum is packaged in a rectangular box which holds a silver-colored cylindrical container containing 5ml of eyelash serum. This can last about a month if used twice a day.

Recommended and trusted by dermatologists and ophthalmologists as an advanced and a tropical growth formula solution.

What is the Bioluma eyelash serum made of?

An attractive feature of Bioluma eyelash serum is its natural and simple ingredient property. Made from a mix of plant extracts including Malus Domestica Stem Cell, which is derived from apple and filled it antioxidant. It works as a growth enhancer on your eyelash, bringing it back to life. It is safe and leaves no irritating effect on the skin. It also has a protective property that helps with ultraviolet ray harm which might affect the eyelash.

This plant extract has been used by many hair growths and strengthening products around the world, which means the effectiveness is assured. To top it off, it is naturally hypoallergenic, which is perfect for the delicate organ.

How to apply the Bioluma eyelash serum

With so many ingredients that have been proven to be effective for hair growth and rejuvenation, I am sure you are just itching like I was to know how this product works. To answer that, it is a natural product; hence it is very easy to apply.

It is recommended that you strictly follow this rule and make a regular application of at least twice a day to be able to see a positive results.

Application is best done twice a day, but if unable to do this, applying ones will do fine. For a better result, apply it in the night.

So first, clean off all makeup.

The applicator comes with a applicator brush attached to the bottle, twist the bottom of the serum container to get as much serum as you need on it. This is very different from any other eyelash serum on the market.

Taking caution not to have it run into your eye, gently and slowly apply all around the skin of your lower and upper eyelash.

Don’t rub the eye until bioluma eyelash serum has dried up.

If done right, you should begin to see a sign from the 3rd or 4th week from the first application.

Cost, return policy and free trial.

Now that you have learned all there is to know about this product, you should be aware of the cost of getting one bottle. It is sold at a fair cost of $50 or slightly less, be informed that there are a few extra charges like shipping and handling fees as well as third party sales fees so be sure to read carefully before purchasing. I advise buying directly from the company to be sure you are getting the real deal.

It also comes with a sixty day money-back guarantee but no warranty for all its buyers. The website shows no free trial option, so be careful if a third party seller tells you there is.

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Testimonials and customer review

There have been lots of testimonials from clients who say that the results are good, some of them include

“Surely Bioluma worked for me. Three weeks it has been, I am using the product and the change in my lashes is significant and prominent. My lashes have grown to full length; also the gap problem between my lashes is gone because the product has also grown lashes on the places where I didn’t have the lashes before. I am totally satisfied with the product and its performance is surely more than the product’s cost.”
Says Nicole

“After 3 weeks of use, I have noticed that my lashes have become healthier. I don’t think so the size has also increased, but overall the product is good. It is easy to use and gentle to the skin.”
Says Joan Hill

“I am 54 and at my age, my lashes became much shorter than when I was younger. I did not want to spend money on extensions as it lasts for such a short time and it is very expensive. I took a chance on Bioluma and I am using it for 5 weeks now. I can see that my lashes are longer and that’s what I wanted so at this stage I am very pleased with this product because it really works for me!”
Says Annemarie

“This is the best eyelash serum I have used. I’ll admit, I had my doubts after reading reviews. But decided to give it a shot after a friend recommended it. And I love everything about it. And my eyelashes have never looked better.”
Says Andrea R.

Can anyone use it

Simply because of its natural and organic components, it is suitable for all skin types. Chemicals and certain ingredients like fragrance and more, tend to cause skin irritation, but this does not include those properties making it a much-loved option.

Pros and cons of using it


· It contains natural apple fruit cell which builds up hair follicles around the eyelash.

· It contains no chemical properties.

· It has been recommended and promoted by skincare beauty experts.

· It contains elements that make it hypoallergenic.

· It contains other ingredients that are natural and organic.

· It has been clinically certified.

· It has little to no known side effects on users.

· Results are seen as early as 3 weeks from first use.

· It is easy to use and apply.

· It comes at a fair price for its quality, and for users buying more than one bottle, it is sold at a reduced price.

· It comes with a money-back guarantee just in case you don’t fancy using it again.


· Results take 6–8 weeks.

· It is not available for purchase in certain countries.

· Some users complained, it takes too long to start seeing results.

Problems and Final verdict

It is a better and more organic solution to our problem, it is impossible for us not to be happy. Of course, there have been a few complaints, but that is normal for every product, but I believe, as a beauty enthusiast, that if I can find a product with an 87% approval rate, then it certainly is worth my money.

And as a user I can tell you that it works, it has worked for me and it keeps working for people around the world. As long as you are diligent in applying it, I believe it will work for you too. Also, to avoid any third party fraud or a wrong shipment, I advise buying directly from the company.


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