Challenging Holly Willoughby’s most daring looks as she proudly displays gorgeous curves

Holly’s beautiful feathered and jeweled pink dress has sparked complaints with Ofcom (Image: Matt Frost / ITV / REX / Shutterstock)

Holly Willoughby inadvertently found herself at the center of a Twitter panic last month after outraged Dancing On Ice viewers took offense at her “inappropriate” dress.

Princess Dany Atrache’s gorgeous gown was adorned with crystals and feathers and featured a glamorous plunging neckline that stopped just above the navy blue of the stunning star.

But 341 people complained to the show’s Ofcom, many of whom stood up for the pretty dress worn before the turn.

“It’s a family entertainment show. I just don’t understand. I would think of her a lot more if she dressed like a lady and covered them up, ”tweeted an annoyed viewer.

Another cruelly lambasted: “OK, I’ll say it. I don’t really want to see breasts with little imagination on TV. Holly Willoughby I’m looking at you – or rather your breasts. “

But this isn’t the first time that a rebellious Holly has caused a stir with her dazzling outfits on national television.

The mother of three children chooses dresses that showcase her curves to perfection.

Holly opted for a classic black dress with a touch of neckline at the BRIT Awards 2012

But in 2013, the seemingly harmless black dress she wore to The Voice’s finale ended up sparking 139 complaints.

He even saw BBC bosses forced to apologize if viewers found the flashing number of the cleavage “unsuitable”, although they rightly supported the star.

The show, viewed by 8.7 million fans, aired from 7:15 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on Saturday, meaning the bulk of the show aired before the 9:00 p.m. turnaround.

Holly took the plunge at the ITV Gala in 2017 (Image: WireImage)

During this time, broadcasters should avoid content deemed unsuitable for children.

A BBC spokeswoman said: ‘We are sorry if some viewers found Holly’s dress unsuitable.

“Holly loves fashion and we felt the dress she wore for The Voice UK live finale was glamorous and totally appropriate for the occasion.

Holly’s dress for the Voice finale caused a stir
(Image: BBC)

“We don’t think it would have gone against the public’s expectations for a TV show like this.”

And his Dancing On Ice and This Morning co-host Phillip Schofield also jumped in his defense, pointing out that kids see more cleavage when playing on a beach.

He tweeted: “139 complaints about Holly’s gorgeous Voice dress. Hopefully those who are outraged on behalf of their children do not take them to the beach this summer.

“God forbid, they might see a woman in a bikini before 9 p.m. and be traumatized by the sight of her cleavage! “

And despite the moans, Holly remains strong when it comes to her choice of outfits for the ITV glamorous skating show.

“There aren’t a lot of shows where you can wear a gorgeous full-length princess dress,” she told The Sun.

“So I’ll run with it, let me tell you.” It’s adorable.

Phil defended Holly in the row over her dress on The Voice
(Image: ITV)

“It’s like getting dressed every Sunday, so I’m going to take this opportunity to have a little fun.”

Of course, wearing bare-skinned dresses on an ice rink is not the most comfortable way to spend the day. And Holly has previously shared her ingenious method of keeping her breasts warm between takes.

Gel hand warmer.

“It started this morning. Before Christmas we had an ice rink and it was absolutely freezing, ”she told The Sun.

Holly last appeared on the cover of FHM in 2016

“I had hand warmers all over the place and that’s where we learned this trick.

“It wasn’t just me, by the way, Phil had them at the bottom of his pants. You adapt to your climate. “

However, while Holly is happy to show off a hint of cleavage, the former underwear model turned her back on racy shoots, last on the cover of FHM in 2016.

“I had three children. And there is enough lurking on the Internet, ”she said.

“I really think that now that I’m a mother of three, we don’t need to see this anymore. “

And she’s even turned down a swimwear campaign in the past because she’s finished shining the flesh.

She added, “The thing that always put me off doing something like this… You should wear it. I don’t think I would ever do this now. “

Were you offended by Holly’s Dancing On Ice dress or do you think viewers were too sensitive?


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