Folital Reviews – Everything You Need to Know Before buying This Product!


Folital is a hair loss supplement that is promoted as a baldness treatment.

By taking Folital on a regular basis, it is claimed that you may reclaim “every hair follicle you’ve lost from the day you were born.” According to the official website, all you have to do is take two supplements each day to regenerate lost hair and completely eradicate baldness.

Is Folital really effective? Or is it another another hair loss supplement that makes unsubstantiated claims? Continue reading to learn all there is to know about Folital and its side effects.

What is Folital?

Folital is a supplement available only online at The supplement makes the claim that it utilizes a unique technique to repair lost hair, eradicate baldness, and reclaim any hair that has been lost.

Indeed, the makers of Folital assert that their product represents “the most significant advance in the hair loss business.” The technology included inside Folital is said to be capable of regrowing lost hair within weeks, even hair previously gone due to balding:

“This may be the most significant advancement in the hair loss business to date. A hack so amazing that it may restore every hair follicle you’ve lost since birth in a couple of weeks.”

The FDA has authorized just one therapy for male pattern baldness: minoxidil. Minoxidil has been shown to stimulate hair growth in a short amount of time. To regenerate hair, some individuals use minoxidil (commonly known as Rogaine) to their hair daily. Folital is not required to be authorized or rejected by the FDA due to its status as a supplement. However, the Folital sales website is replete with testimonials from individuals who have seen hair growth and baldness reversal after taking Folital.

Always be wary of supplements that promise to restore lost hair. There is no clinical evidence to support the claim that any supplement may regenerate hair lost to balding. Certain vitamins may help improve the quality and development of your hair, allowing you to retain a full head of hair. No substance, however, has been scientifically shown to stimulate hair growth. Not yet, at least.

Nonetheless, the manufacturers of Folital maintain that their mixture is clinically tested and guaranteed to rapidly regenerate lost hair.

Folital is only available online at, where it’s priced at around $69 per bottle.

Who Created Folital?

Dr. Robert Cyrus came up with the idea for Folital. Dr. Cyrus asserts that he has discovered a scientifically validated process for rapidly regrowing lost hair. Additionally, he asserts that he has more than two decades of medical experience.

Dr. Cyrus asserts that his formula will bankrupt the multibillion-dollar hair loss industry, resulting in the demise of some of the world’s largest hair loss companies. He is certain that his procedure will work for anyone who want to regenerate lost hair or restore hair lost to balding in order to regain the head of hair they had at a younger age.

Dr. Cyrus was inspired to develop a cure for baldness when a gentleman called Steven Perkins strolled through his door.

Dr. Cyrus’s office was visited by Steven Perkins. Even though he was just in his twenties, more than 70% of his hair had already fallen out. He was determined to discover a way to reverse his hair loss. He didn’t want to feel old, and his fiancée had already been having an affair with a man with a full head of hair.

Dr. Cyrus met a colleague named Dr. Phillips in search of a solution to baldness. Dr. Phillips, like Dr. Cyrus, is a physician with over two decades of experience. He is an expert in the treatment of people who are experiencing hair loss.

Dr. Phillips, on the other hand, treats patients with natural substances rather than minoxidil or other FDA-approved baldness treatments:

“Dr. Phillips, like myself, had worked in medicine for more than two decades. He treated thousands of severe instances of alopecia and other significant hair disorders… He was adamant that the key to hair regrowth lies in nature, not in man-made medications.”

Dr. Phillips asserts that he began losing his hair at the tender age of 13. He was determined to find a treatment for baldness and thus invented one.

To summarize, Dr. Phillips and Dr. Cyrus devised a mixture that, like minoxidil, promotes blood flow across the scalp and hair follicles, hence stimulating growth. Steven Perkins, a patient of Dr. Cyrus, gained a full head of hair following the administration of the mixture.

What to Expect When Taking Folital

Dr. Cyrus asserts that his formula assisted his patient, Steven Perkins, in regrowing a full head of hair within weeks of using the supplement.

Indeed, within days of using the supplement, the patient noticed faster, fuller hair growth. Dr. Cyrus outlines the procedure as follows:

“Consequently, Dr. Phillips and I handed him the formula and directed him to follow the program in accordance with the results of our laboratory experiments. For the first few days, nothing significant occurred.”

Steven spent the next few days documenting his experience. He eventually returned to the office of Dr. Cyrus with a full head of hair:

“…he shifted his gaze to me, grabbed his hat, removed it, smiled, and pointed to his head. And allow me to explain. This handsome gentleman’s hair was fully grown and gleaming! He was attempting to mislead me for a split second by wearing that enormous old hat. However, his hair was completely intact.”

Dr. Cyrus calls the procedure “the most astounding metamorphosis I have ever witnessed in my life.”

Dr. Cyrus tested the formula on a number of other people after successfully treating Steven’s baldness. Dr. Cyrus observed a 98 percent success rate in his test:

“Within a week, we had gathered more than 70 people willing to testify to our idea…

Within a few weeks, 98 percent of subjects reported a significant increase in hair density, while exhibiting no signs of heavy metal toxicity in their system.”

The sales page features before and after photos of men and women suffering from severe baldness who grew their hair back after taking Folital. Prior to using Folital, men were fully bald. They had regrown a full head of hair after a few weeks of taking the supplement.

According to the Folital sales page, men and women who take Folital everyday can expect identical effects. The sales page includes photographs of ladies who previously had thinning or balding hair and were able to completely cure these concerns after taking Folital.

How Does Folital Work?

As with any supplement, you should conduct additional research into how the supplement claims to regrow hair, treat baldness, and give other major results. How does Folital function, then? What use does the supplement serve?

Folital is a combination of 29 ingredients that, according to the manufacturer, purports to eliminate toxins from the body, helping you to regrow lost hair. Toxins have stymied your hair’s natural growth. By detoxifying your body of toxins, you can restore hair growth and reap numerous benefits.

The Folital formula is designed to detoxify your body of heavy metals while simultaneously providing your body with the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients necessary for hair development.

Folital is a poison that particularly targets thallium. Thallium is a highly toxic heavy metal found in the bloodstream. Folital is said to be capable of removing thallium from the body, hence assisting in hair regrowth.

What Does Folital Do?

The formula, according to the video and sales page, operates in three steps:

Step 1) Eliminate the poisonous heavy metal particles that have taken over your body and hair, such as thallium and other pollutants. These heavy metals impair your body’s ability to fight hair loss by poisoning your scalp from within.

Step 2) Administer specific nutrients safely into the bloodstream. Folital contains nutrients that are associated with hair growth. By delivering these nutrients directly to your follicles via your bloodstream, Folital is said to be able to immediately begin regrowing your lost hair.

Step 3) After critical organs such as the heart and lungs have been nourished, your body distributes excess nutrients to the tiny blood veins beneath your scalp. These nutrients nourish your hair bulbs, enabling your hair follicles to “quickly generate new hair.”

Following these three processes, your scalp is said to become healthy from the inside out, and you can instantly begin regrowing hair.

Folital Ingredients

Folital comprises 29 ingredients that, according to the manufacturer, can help you regrow hair in a matter of days. The 29 ingredients include botanical extracts, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients associated with hair loss and balding.

Several of the ingredients are formulated to aid in the removal of heavy metals from the body. Others are formulated to provide your body with the nutrients it requires to regenerate hair.

Folital’s manufacturers assert that the formula is entirely natural, with each ingredient taken directly from nature. According to the company, its ingredients are sourced from Africa, Asia, northern Europe, and even Brazil’s Amazon jungle.

Together, these ingredients guide your body through the five-step process outlined below:

To begin, the nutrient blend in Folital is absorbed by your body. Folital’s 29 constituents are absorbed by the body, and the chemicals begin flushing thallium and other heavy metal poisons from the bloodstream. Additionally, the substances claim to enhance your immune system, allowing for complete hair regrowth.

Second, Folital asserts that it will cleanse your blood and immediately begin nourishing your hair follicles. Folital reaches your hair follicles after eliminating thallium and other heavy metals in your body, supplying those follicles with the nutrition they require to renew.

Thirdly, Folital stimulates the growth of new, stronger hair in your follicles. Your scalp will begin to regrow at this point. According to the Folital sales page, following a few weeks of using the product, you will no longer be bald.

Fourth, Folital makes the claim that it will “totally eradicate hair loss” while protecting you “from all scalp diseases.” According to the Folital sales page, the chemicals in Folital can reverse your balding today and prevent you from turning bald again in the future.

Finally, Folital asserts that it can not only reverse baldness and hair loss but also improve overall health and well-being. The company claims to employ chemicals that increase your mood, assisting you in entirely recovering from your hair loss concerns.

Below, we’ll examine the particular chemicals in Folital to identify their mechanism of action.

How Folital’s Ingredients Work

Generally, hair loss supplements make no claims about regrowth of hair or any substantial advantages. The creators of Folital, on the other hand, assert that their solution can restore hair that has already been lost due to baldness.

Folital has a total of 29 components. However, the 10 most critical elements of Folital are as follows:

Psyllium Husk: Psyllium husk is a fiber-rich product. Psyllium husk is found in a variety of diet tablets, weight reduction aids, and digestive supplements. It can assist you in maintaining a more consistent schedule. However, the creators of Folital assert that psyllium husk “assists your hair and scalp in adapting to stimuli” through its adaptogenic properties. The majority of studies indicate that psyllium husk possesses no adaptogenic effects. However, the creators of Folital claim that the psyllium husk is absorbed directly into the follicles, assisting the body in regrowing hair.

Bentonite Clay: Like psyllium husk, bentonite clay is featured in a variety of detoxification and cleansing products marketed online today. For ages, bentonite clay has been used to cleanse the body of pollutants. Folital’s manufacturers assert that the bentonite clay in the recipe “prevents scalp and hair disorders,” resulting in a healthy scalp primed for future hair development.

Flaxseed is another kind of fiber that is frequently featured in digestive aids and detoxifying supplements. Folital’s creators claim that the flaxseed in their mix has “mood-boosting effects” and is also known for “minimizing hair loss by preventing worry and stress.”

Apart from the ingredients listed on the official website, we were unable to locate a complete list of Folital’s ingredients. We do not know the doses or the complete list of the formula’s 29 ingredients.

Scientific Evidence for Folital

Folital or any other hair loss supplement does not have clinical evidence that it may reverse balding, restore hair loss, or regrow hair.

However, the creators of Folital say that the product has helped over 97,000 people regrow hair. Additionally, they claim to have conducted a trial with 70 people. Within weeks of using Folital for the first time, 98 percent of subjects had fuller hair.

Unfortunately, the Folital maker has not published their research in a peer-reviewed journal. Additionally, the manufacturer has not published a list of references supporting the ingredients in Folital. That is not to suggest the study never occurred; it may simply mean they did not perform an adequate job of disseminating the findings.

What we do know about the components specified is as follows:

Flaxseed is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are well-known for their beneficial effects on the skin and hair. They nourish your hair and prevents it from drying out. While some studies indicate that regular omega-3 supplementation may help prevent hair loss and thinning, no studies indicate that flaxseed can reverse balding or regrow lost hair.

To our knowledge, no study has yet been conducted on the effects of psyllium husk on hair loss. Psyllium husk is a laxative and a source of fiber that aids with regularity. It appears to be the primary active element in Folital, although there is no evidence that it regrows hair that has been lost. This is likely included due to the high fiber content, which enables the body to eliminate the toxins being cleansed.

Indeed, thallium, a hazardous heavy metal, has been related to hair loss. According to several research, thallium intoxication causes baldness. If your scalp contains an excessive amount of thallium, your hair follicles may atrophy. However, the majority of hair loss is not caused by thallium toxicity. Additionally, simply removing thallium from your body does not reverse balding or hair loss. However, it may be a necessary step toward regrowing your hair or, at the very least, making it healthier.

Folital Pricing

Folital is priced at $69 a bottle, but can be purchased in bulk for as little as $49 per bottle.

Here’s how pricing breaks down when ordered online through

Each bottle of Folital contains 60 capsules (30 servings). To regrow hair, you take two Folital capsules everyday.

Folital Refund Policy

Folital is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee.

If Folital does not regenerate your hair within 60 days of purchase, or if you are dissatisfied with the supplement’s results for any reason, you are entitled to a full refund, no questions asked.

Returns Address: 37 Inverness Drive E Ste 100, Englewood, CO 80112

About Folital

Folital was developed by Dr. Robert Cyrus, a physician. Dr. Cyrus claims to have over two decades of medical experience. After observing Folital’s success on patients, he decided to market the solution worldwide.

Dr. Cyrus asserts that the substances were sourced from all over the world, including the Amazon rainforests and northern Europe. He does, however, claim to manufacture Folital in an undisclosed location in the United States.

You can contact the Folital via the following: Email: [email protected]

Final Word

Folital is a nutritional supplement that promotes hair growth in a matter of weeks. The pill contains substances that purify your body of pollutants and heavy metals, ostensibly aiding in hair regeneration.

Regrettably, there is no documented evidence that Folital or any other substance can help restore hair that has been lost. While several supplements may enhance hair health and help maintain healthy hair, none have been clinically proved to regrow hair, repair lost hair, or provide other hair loss benefits.

With that said, the majority of supplements focused toward hair health neglect to detox the body in order to maximize the likelihood of hair follicles becoming fuller and healthier. The combination of detoxifying the body and other elements that promote hair health may be the ideal mix for assisting users in growing hair. The good news is that they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee on the formula. Allowing you to experiment on your own.

To learn more about Folital or to buy the supplement, visit Each bottle is priced at around $59 and backed by a 60-day moneyback guarantee.

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