How to Get Free and Discounted Diapers for Your Baby


Many parents don’t realize that they can get free baby stuff, including free baby magazines, free baby formula, and free samples of baby items. One of the most in-demand baby freebies, of course, is free diapers.

Disposable diapers can cost parents a lot. Fortunately, there are many places to turn to for free diapers (or discounts) to help offset this expense.

Baby girl (2-5 months) lying on bed

Many diaper manufacturers want to give you free samples of their products or coupons to entice you to buy their diapers. You can call or email companies to request free samples of their products.

Additionally, when you sign up as a member on a diaper company’s website, they’ll often send you free diapers or coupons for purchasing a pack for less. Signing up usually entails agreeing to receive promotional materials or emails and registering with your baby’s birthday and/or due date.

Some major diaper companies you can register with include:


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