How to Style Curtain Bangs Latest Hair Trend


The Final Word Guide To Curtain Bangs For Curly Hair You could also use a flat iron if you have significantly unruly bangs.

Next, apply a contact of styling serum or cream to smooth and set your fringe in place. Bear in mind that your fringe may get greasy faster than the rest of your hair, so maintain dry shampoo on hand for touch-ups through the day or between washes.

Styling half-up aspect buns, with heavy bangs, is a cute and enjoyable look. Next, break up the highest portion in half down the middle of your head. Then, use the identical course of as you’d for full aspect buns.

Make a high pigtail on all sides, wrap the hair round it, and safe with hairpins. Release your bangs and the underside section of hair, running your fingers or straightener through to get the shape excellent. You’ll get bonus fun points for rocking this with coloured hair.

Once you’re finished styling, you can also spritz a disposable mascara wand with some hairspray and run it through your bangs to assist hold them in examine. While blunt bangs and wispy bangs can work with nearly zero styling; think of curtain bangs as their excessive maintenance cousin. Since curtain bangs are parted within the middle, you will need to coach your hair to maintain that shape—and get used to the idea of getting a middle half! This means you’ll must be comfortable with warmth styling and using products to assist in giving your bangs physique and bounce.

You can wear this straight or curled, whatever tickles your fancy. Once your hair is ready, section off the top half of your hair. You can begin the part anyplace from the temples to the tops of your ears. “You do not want to blow-dry the bangs horizontally as that may make them look too puffy or bubbly,” says Perara. Make a couple of passes with the blow dryer, remove the warmth, and maintain the section of hair within the brush for a couple of seconds to assist form it. Repeat this process, working in one-inch sections towards the center of the bang, before beginning over on the other facet.


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