Mark Wahlberg Shares His Fitness Tips to Start 2021 in Fine Fettle


If you’ve decided to get back in shape in 2021 and are having a hard time keeping your resolve, Mark Wahlberg has some great advice for you. While the 49-year-old actor has long followed a healthy lifestyle and a strict exercise routine, he never forgot how difficult it was to get started.

“Every journey starts with a first step and if you’ve slacked off or never focused on your health or sports, just put your head in the water and start. Starting small is the key. So you wake up the next day feeling tired but satisfied without being totally sore. It does not matter to have a few aches, but you do not want to give yourself excuses from the start so as not to stay on track ”, he advised during an interview with Us Weekly.

Never Relax

And even for a fitness veteran like Mark Wahlberg, it’s important to set new goals to accomplish. “Shaking the body and changing my exercise helps me stay on top of my game and improve. But I also listen to my body and I rest when I need to… “he continued.

The secret therefore lies in diversity to avoid boredom. “It’s important to stay on track with your sport and health goals and not lose momentum by falling asleep on a sedentary lifestyle. “

Come on, let’s get back on track and let’s go!


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