7 Effective Tips to Reduce Belly Bulge (Backed by Science)


Women, have a metabolism that stores fat in the stomachs and love handles. This is how. But for those who would like to lose that little belly bulge and strengthen this part of the body, here are our 7 tips.

Eat The Right Food

Not to mention diet, good nutrition is the key to a healthy, fit body. To do this, we banish bad fats, we avoid raw vegetables which tend to swell in favor of cooked vegetables and we put sugar and sodas in the cupboard. As for cereals, we tend to prefer the full version, more dense, which is more satiating. And when it comes to dairy products, we focus on yogurts rich in probiotics and therefore easier to digest than conventional milk.

Play Sports

It’s no secret that even though our diet is going the right way, it doesn’t stop us from storing fat if we don’t move. Our rhythms of life force us to stand still. It’s up to us not to get stuck and turn fat into muscle. For this, it is imperative to find your favorite sport so that it becomes a real pleasure and not a chore. It is also ideal to vary the pleasure between cardio, strength training and stretching. Also, if we swap the elevator for the stairs and / or our usual metro stop for the one just before, it will be even better!

Sleep More

A healthy lifestyle also involves a more or less long and restorative night. Indeed, it is when we rest that our body works the most. He takes the opportunity to regenerate and reset the counters. In addition, a scientific study from 2016 showed that not getting enough sleep had an impact on weight gain. All the more reason to have fun.

Drink a Lot of Water

It is recommended to drink 1.5 L of water per day simply because our body is 80% water and our body needs it to function properly. This plays a key role in good digestion but also in the elimination of toxins and bad fibers that can be the cause of bloating.

Learn to Breathe Well

Stress, fatigue and everyday life in general make us forget to breathe properly. By keeping our breathing at chest level, we further increase our anxiety. It is best to breathe calmly and deeply through your stomach. By taking a few minutes to accentuate this vital gesture, by widening and inflating our entrance, we give ourselves a Zen minute but above all we give back all the space that is due to it while strengthening it slightly.

To know everything about abdominal breathing

Massage Well

Massaging your stomach is not the most enjoyable part, but it is beneficial. Since this is an area where you store fat and water, there’s nothing like a lymphatic massage to loosen your tissues, reduce water retention and boost your skin’s elasticity.


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